African Birdlife is a bi-monthly magazine and includes well-written articles and stunning photographs of our continent’s birds. It is an important mouthpiece for BirdLife South Africa to create awareness about bird research and conservation work.

We also have the expert assistance of two scientific advisors, Professors Peter Ryan and Andrew McKechnie. The magazine production is managed by the African Birdlife Management Committee, and the committee is chaired by David Chamberlain.

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We are facing an enormous challenge to deliver the magazines to our subscribers due to the failure of the South African Post Office.

In an effort to achieve deliveries, we have set up collection points in the following areas; BirdLife Inkwazi, Bloemfontein, Centurion, Eshowe, George, Graaf Reinet, Grahamstown, Hermanus, Hilton, Hoedspruit, Howick – Ambers, Howick – WESSA, Jeffrey’s Bay, Knysna, Ladysmith, Langebaan, Mossel Bay, Mount Edgecome, Mtunzini, Plettenberg Bay, Port Alfred, Potchefstroom, Rand Barbet Bird Club, Somerset West, Underberg, Umhlanga Rocks, Waterfall Estate (Johannesburg).

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We are looking for champions in other areas who would be prepared to assist with setting up a collection point.  Please also contact Janine Goosen.

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African Birdlife July/August 2024

July/August 2024

In the latest issue…

• Northern KZN

• Cost of migration

• Trogon broods

• Ravens & vultures

• Africa’s birding heart

Look out for another eye-catching issue of African Birdlife on shelves!

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