Sep / Oct 2014"
Shrinking Violet?

The Violet Wood-hoopoe, a near-endemic to Namibia and southern Angola, appears to be facing an uncertain future.

Favourite Birding Moments

Readers reminisce about their standout birding experiences.

Cracking the secrets of eggs

Andrew McKechnie unscrambles the fascinating biology of birds’ eggs, and their incubation.

Angola Opportunities for exploration

Michael Mills assesses the state of Angola’s avifauna and the potential that exists for intrepid travellers to add to the body of knowledge about that country’s birdlife.

A good place to hide

A portfolio of images, taken in a custom-built hide, reveals birds that are up close but oblivious to the photographer’s presence.

Difficult conditions: Bird photography

A new series in which Grant Atkinson shares some of the tactics he employs when working in the challenging conditions often encountered while photographing birds.