BirdLife South Africa Conservation League Donor Logo

Conservation League Donors are a community of people who have an interest in, and passion for, nature, and birds in particular. As dedicated and current members of BirdLife South Africa, Conservation League Donors show their passion and commitment to the environment by contributing a minimum of R3000 annually to our organisation.

In addition to standard membership perks, these donors enjoy a closer connection to BirdLife South Africa through several exclusive benefits:

  • Invitations to special events and priority booking opportunities.
  • Regular updates with engaging stories and information from the field through our specially curated mailers.
  • Special recognition for contributions on the BirdLife South Africa website, as well as in annual reports and financial statements.

Conservation League Donors are eligible to receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate for their donation, which allows them to claim a tax deduction on their personal annual tax returns.

The Conservation League Donor logo features the Southern Bald Ibis which is not only a beautiful bird and an appropriate emblem of successful conservation efforts, but also a symbol of our shared commitment to conserving South Africa’s birds.

You can read more about the conservation story of the Southern Bald Ibis here.

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BirdLife South Africa wishes to express its sincere thanks to its Conservation League Donors

Conservation League Donors

C Adams
P Alves
G Anderson
MD & T Anderson
G & D Archibald
P Ayling
L Bailey
P Ballantyne
R Balt
C Barry
M Beder
B Bell
H Bestbier
M Better
E & P Beaumont
B Bierwisch
BirdLife eThekwini KZN
DT Blackburn
H Bland
ILS BLoxam & L Hart
H Boeke
H Borkum
F Boustred
Brett Horley Safaris (Pty) Ltd
M & C Bridgeford
B & A Brink
J Brown
W Brown
L Bruggemann
J Buchanan
D Button
S Buys
P & A Calinikos
PL & M Campbell
BR Carless
S Carlsson-Smith
M Carstens
J Cavallero
S Charter
B Chedzey
AP Cohen
BD Colahan
AE Conradie
J Cooper
D Cope
J Corey
L Cornish
CJ & B Cory
R Crawshaw
G & M Crookes
C Dalton
F & V da Silva
R Davies
D Davis
SB Davis
C Dawson
C de Beer
J de Beer
A de Blocq
S de Souza
P & A Divall
B & J Dixon
KV Dixon
F Donaldson
G Donovan
H du Toit
G Ebedes
A Ellmer
M Eltringham
T Erasmus
D Erterius
MG Evans
C & B Fauconnier
A Finn
S Fogarty
A & N Forbes
B & A Forsyth
C Foster
C Fransman
M Gagiano
M Gamble
B Garven
J & A Gatherer
E Germiquet
D Gertzen
A Gilbert
J Glendinning

RJ Gray
A Greig
M Griffith
B Hackland
P Hall
RR Harebottle
M Harrington
Hartzenberg Orthopaedic Surgery
R Hattingh
D Hatton
Hawarden Family
M Hawthorne
VRL Head
Healthcare Navigator CC
L Henderson
EDIH Hertzog
MA & L Heyns
KW Hoffmann
L Hohne
MA Hoole
P Horn
P & I Huggins
J & C Human
R & L Humphris
A Hurwitz
A Jacobs
G Jacobs
JM Jacobs
C Jenkins
A Jennings
GC Jensen
H Johansson
V Joubert
AJ Kerslake
R Kleyn
N Kohler
J Krige
M Lagerqvist
P Landey
P Langenhoven
DM Lawrence
S Leisegang
N Leman
J Lieffrig
P Lipman
R Loon
RM Loubser
D Louw
L Lund & M Papageorge
E Maass
B Madden
C Malan
J Malan
J Malan
B Malmhagen
C Marwick
R & M McGrath
A & W McKechnie
R & T McKechnie
A McLean
D McLean
G Meihuizen
A Meintjies
A Mitchell
E Mitchell
A Moller
Y Moodley
J Morris
E Moss
SM Mylrea
S & P Naidoo
RT & S Naude
L Nelson
J & L Niemandt
Nitrique Energy Pty Ltd
J & G Nitschke
J Norman
W Nortje
P Nurse
J Orford
GF Ortner
T Ott
N Palmer
S Peile
Y Pennington
A & R Pike
D Pimstein
M Pimstein
C Pinker

C Porteous
R Porter
J Prentice
N & J Prentice
G & P Preston
E Prins-van den Berg
P Radcliff
C Ramsay
Rand Barbet Bird Club
C Randall
J & M Randell
JM Rankin
I Rasmussen
HW Rayner
F Reuvers
J Richards
B Roberts
S Robertson
K Robinson
R Routier
AA Routledge
CD Roux
K & V Rudd
J Rupert
N Ryan
KJ Sarsfield
C Savage & JH Daneel
J Schoeman & E Smalberger
N Schonegevel
J & P Sharland
D Sharp
J Shergold
S Singh
H & J Stacey
N Stainforth
J Stalberg
A Stalker
M Stallmann
I Stepski
R & D Stewart
A & J Stockill
D Stojakovic
R & A Stout
M & J Stricker
G Strydom
SL Sutherland
T Svensson
W Swanepoel
S Swarts
G Swiegers
S Taylor
F Tempest
SS Terblanche
The Birdling Life
I & M Thomas
J Thomas
JB & M Ubbink
V Uhlmann
NW Unwin
H van den Berg
C & H van den Bergh
B van den Bosch
T van der Merwe
W van der Merwe
C & G van der Meulen
S & C van der Slikke
W van der Walt
J van Wyk
A & C van Zwieten
D Vasapoli
L Vasapoli
J Vermeulen
M Verschoor
H Visagie
J & C von Chamier-Glisczinski
K Waelkens
RRM Wanless
I Weiersby-Porter
A Weilbach
G Wells
A Whysall
J Williams
J Wilson
J Wood
H Zemann
R Zipp

Payment options: Signup online and pay through PayFast, click here

EFT or direct deposit – please use your initials and surname as payment reference (new members) or your membership number (current members). Please email proof of payment to

BirdLife South Africa bank details:

Account Name: BirdLife South Africa
Bank: First National Bank, Randburg
Branch Code: 250 655
Account Number: 6206 750 6281