BirdLife South Africa’s Conservation League is a special group of donors that directly contribute financially to our important bird conservation work.

Donors need to be a signed up member of BirdLife South Africa and make a minimum donation of R2800.00 per annum. These donors can then be issued with a Section 18A Tax Certificate for this donation amount which can be used to claim a tax deduction on their personal annual tax return.

The membership benefits include

  • Six issues of BirdLife South Africa’s magazine, African Birdlife
  • BirdLife South Africa membership card
  • BirdLife South Africa supporters’ sticker
  • Invitations to BirdLife South Africa talks and events
  • Monthly e-newsletters, which includes updates on our work and interesting information about birds and birding
  • Two free bird call ringtones for your cellphone
  • Special acknowledgement from BirdLife South Africa as a Conservation League Donor. You will receive a certificate from BirdLife South Africa, your name will appear on our website (see below) and in our annual report and annual financial statements.

BirdLife South Africa wishes to express its sincere thanks to its Conservation League Donors

Conservation League Donors

L Almon
P Alves
MD & T Anderson
P Ayling
MMDV Basson
BirdLife Port Natal
DT Blackburn
S Bloy
ILS BLoxam & L Hart
H Boeke
JH & J Boshoff
WS Boshoff
F Boustred
S Boyd
M Buckham
EJ Buchmann
SW Burger
P Cairns
P & A Calinikos
PL Campbell
BR Carless
S Carlsson-Smith
DL Charlton
R Cliff
AP Cohen
BD Colahan
AE Conradie
IH Cooke
D Cope
CJ & B Cory
C Dalton
F da Silva
SB Davis
P Diedericks
KV Dixon
F Donaldson
H du Toit
G Ebedes
RT & S Edmond
A Ellmer
T Erasmus
MG Evans
CF Fauconnier
S & S Fogarty
AT & NT Forbes
B Forsyth
C Foster
L Fouche
K Fourie
M Fricke
HW & J Garrett
B Garven
E Germiquet
D Gertzen
A Gilbert
L Gill
S Goodman
JMD Graham
RJ Gray
WG & A Greig
M Griffith

J Grobbelaar
B Hackland
T & M Hardaker
RR Harebottle
JP Hartley
M Hawthorne
VRL Head
Healthcare Navigator CC
PL Heinamann
EDIH Hertzog
MA Heyns
C Hills
KW Hoffmann
MA Hoole
B Horley
CT Howie
NB Hudson
A Jacobs
JM Jacobs
GC Jensen
EG Kay
AJ Kerslake
NS Knott-Craig
M Krog
GM Lackinger
P Landey
DM Lawrence
P Lehle
I Lingenfelder
RM Loubser
J Lutzow
E Maass
J Malan
J McCormick
D MacGillivray
M MacRobert
B & A Madden
M Mason
R & M McGrath
T Milne
A Mitchell
N & J Morris
GKM Morrison
JC Mouton
SM Mylrea
RT Naude
DD Nick
J & L Niemandt
GF Ortner
LDG Pegram
Y Pennington
S Peile
C Pinker
ND Perrins
RN Porter
SE Power-Wilson
J Ragsdale
C Ramsay

Rand Barbet Bird Club
JM Rankin
I Rasmussen
G Raubenheimer
T Risi
CD Roux
J Rupert
N Ryan
P Ryan
N Schonegevel
GF Shaw
S Singh
G & B Skinner
M Stallmann
P Stapelberg
BA Staples
R & D Stewart
M Solomon
H Snyman
D Stojakovic
M & J Stricker
SL Sutherland
NDM Stainforth
H & J Stacey
I Stepski
BE Stevens
L Steynberg
JM Sykes
PL Symcox
SS Terblanche
GN Thompson
RR Thomson
E Thornton-Dibb
JB & M Ubbink
HM van As
C van den Berg
MH van der Mark
BF van der Merwe
MJC van der Merwe
W van der Merwe
J van Wyk
C & K Vivier
RRM Wanless
B Watson
I Weiersby-Porter
J Wells
APN Whyte
B Williams
J Williams
J Wood
A Younge-Hayes
H Zemann
R Zipp

Payment options: Signup online and pay through PayFast, click here
EFT or direct deposit – please use your initials and surname as payment reference (new members) or your membership number (current members) Please email or fax proof of payment to or +27(0)11 789 5188

BirdLife South Africa bank details:

Account Name: BirdLife South Africa
Bank: First National Bank, Randburg
Branch Code: 250 655
Account Number: 62067506281