About the Regional Conservation Programme

The Regional Conservation Programme aims to support selected African countries to assess the status of their threatened species and ecosystems (Red Listing), identify the most important places for these species and ecosystems (Key Biodiversity Areas), ultimately implement appropriate conservation policy and action to safeguard these sites (Protected and Conserved Areas (OECMs)), and to create a network of stepping stone sites used by migratory birds by identifying conservation priorities and increasing capacity for conservation along the Flyway (East Atlantic Flyway Initiative (EAFI)).

The Regional Conservation Programme uses specific IUCN standards and area-based conservation frameworks to achieve this work, namely:

• IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria, Version 3.1. (IUCN 2012), which is used as the standard for global Red List assessments published on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
• Guidelines for the application of IUCN Red List of Ecosystems categories and criteria (Bland et al. 2017).
• A Global Standard for the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas (IUCN 2016), which identifies sites contributing significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity, and which is now implemented through the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Partnership including 13 partners.
• Guidelines for Recognising and reporting other effective area-based conservation measures (IUCN and WCPA Task Force on OECMs 2019).

These global standards and frameworks are used to assist African countries to better understand which of their biodiversity is at risk of extinction, and which are the most important places to safeguard that biodiversity. Through effective policy integration and capacity development in these countries, we aim to successfully integrate these products into each country. The outcomes we hope to achieve are improved biodiversity mapping and prioritisation to support sustainable development and biodiversity safeguarding.

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Meet the Team

Dr Simeon Bezeng, Bronwyn Maree and Natasha Shilubane

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The Regional Conservation Programme have produced various resources through our work, which is available for the public.

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