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The BirdLife South Africa Animal Research Ethics Committee (BLSA AREC) was brought into being as a platform to gain ethical clearance for research projects focusing on avian research, including applications from individuals who are not affiliated with a university or other institutions. This includes scientific projects with a bird ringing component, as well as ALL projects requiring the fitting of tracking devices.

All applicants are advised to fully acquaint themselves with the requirements of SANS 10386: 2008 “The care and use of animals for scientific purposes” which is available at The BLSA AREC will only consider a protocol if the use of animals is deemed essential and conforms to the requirements of this standard.


  1. If you (or your organisation) wish to submit a protocol to the BLSA AREC for ethical clearance, please acquaint yourself with our terms of reference before submitting an application.
  2. To submit a research protocol for ethical clearance, please complete the application form and return to Christie Wooding, who will submit the application to the BLSA AREC for consideration.
  3. Should your protocol be granted ethical clearance by the BLSA AREC, you will be required to adhere to certain reporting requirements, as set out in the Terms of Reference.

Contact Details

All relevant reports are available for download below.

All correspondence should be referred to Christie Wooding at

Other relevant documentation and references

  • SAFRING’s Code of Ethics forms part of the SAFRING manual and can be viewed at
  • BirdLife South Africa’s position statement “Tracking of Birds” Position Statement – Tracking of birds (268 KB)