The BirdLife South Africa Owl Awards ceremony originated from our need to acknowledge the companies and individuals who donate their time and money to the organisation that make it possible to continue all our conservation programmes and projects. The first Owl Award ceremony took place in 1999.

BirdLife South Africa is making an enormous contribution to the conservation of our country’s birds and their habitats. These contributions are achieved through the collaborative efforts of BirdLife South Africa’s staff, volunteers, members and donors. During BirdLife South Africa’s annual Owl Award function, the contribution of some of the people and companies who are helping “give conservation wings” are acknowledged through the presentation of trophies and certificates.

For more information, please contact BirdLife South Africa on 011 789 1122 or email Isabel Human

The recipients, from left to right: Back row: Alastair Findlay, Judy Stockill, Kevin McCann, Melanie & Martin Potgieter (all Owl Awards), Andrew Whysall (Eagle-Owl Award, Swarovski Optik) and Peter Hohne (Eagle-Owl Award, Kimberley Ekapa Mining-JV)).

Front row: Rozanne Fleet (Owl Award) and Ro’ees van der Speck (Owl Award on behalf of Garth Shaw & Khanyisane Falake).

Recipients who were unable to attend the event were Charles Malherbe (Owl), Geoff McIlleron (Owl), Jessie Walton (all Owl Awards) and Rocco da Silva (Owlet Award).