About the Seabird Conservation Programme

Our oceans have an amazing diversity and abundance of life. They also play a huge role in sustaining human populations. Seabirds are one of the most threatened group of birds in the world, with 15 out of 22 species of albatross threatened with extinction. They are also an important indicator of ocean health, and it’s our mission to conserve them. We have a particular focus on preventing bycatch of seabirds in fisheries, ensuring sustainable management of important fish stocks, protecting endangered coastal seabirds, and the Marion Island mouse eradication project.

Meet the team

We are a diverse and passionate group of people striving to halt the decline of seabirds locally and worldwide. We focus on seabird bycatch, habitat conservation, saving endangered species, and engaging with fisheries.

A diet analysis of the Cape Gannet is a promising new avenue for a biological indicator. Credit Peter Hagen
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