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The listing region is the area within the sovereign borders of the Republic of South Africa, thus excluding Eswatini (previously called Swaziland) and Lesotho, but including the Prince Edward Islands in the Southern Ocean and their associated 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). There are 870 recorded bird species in the country (862 on the mainland and eight species unique to the Prince Edward Islands); this is more than 8% of the species occurring in the world…

Sale of Roberts’ artwork

A reminder to all from the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund (JVBB) that the sale of artwork from the Roberts Bird-guide, 2 nd Ed. continues into 2020. Large or small, specialist or mixed, all these illustrated plates from a time-honoured South African brand are available for viewing on the website. A 25% donation goes to BirdLife South Africa from each sale to benefit the organisation’s many vital conservation projects.

Marion Island appeal

Marion Island is a South African territory in the south Atlantic, home to several threatened seabird species, including nearly half of the world’s Wandering Albatrosses. Unfortunately, these birds are threatened by an unlikely but voracious predator: the house mouse. Mice were inadvertently introduced during the 1900s, and have since wreaked havoc on the delicate island ecosystem. Until recently, the mice have only been predating on seabird chicks, but in 2017 the first predation on an adult Northern Giant Petrel was observed. BirdLife South Africa is supporting the Department of Environmental Affairs to launch an island restoration project, which will rid the island of mice and aims to restore this once pristine breeding location. Mouse Free Marion is currently planned for the winter of 2021, using methods employed in other successful eradications. To support this work, please visit the dedicated website.

State of South Africa’s Birds Report

BirdLife South Africa has recently published the first State of South Africa’s Birds Report, the first of its kind for the region…

African Birdlife Magazine

BirdLife South Africa’s very own world-class magazine. Packed to the brim with birding travel, photography and conservation. A must for any bird and nature enthusiast…

Pan-African Ornithological Congress (PAOC15)

The Pan-African Ornithological Congress (PAOC) is held once every four years and it brings together hundreds of professional and dedicated amateur ornithologists.

2020 Calendars

Order your 2020 Birds of Southern Africa calendar for R150.00 (excluding postage/delivery). Please email Shireen at for more information.


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Join a Bird Club

There are many benefits to be gained from joining a bird club, such as access to birding outings, fascinating nature-based talks and building new friendships with like-minded nature lovers. Click on the link below and find a bird club near you.

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Are you a looking for a holiday destination or sleep-over spot which caters to your birding needs? Browse through our catalogue of Birder-Friendly Establishments to find your next birding breakaway…

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