The BirdLife National Trust, which has been formally registered by the Master of the South Gauteng High Court, is the vehicle through which BirdLife South Africa raises and husbands funds for the purpose and aims of the organization, namely the protection and preservation of birds and their habitats in South Africa.

The Trust Deed sets out in detail the objects of the Trust and makes proper provision for, inter alia, the appointment and powers of trustees and other related and regulatory issues. A registered auditor audits the annual financial statements of the Trust.

The current trustees are Yvonne Pennington and Philip Calinikos (the current Chairperson and Honorary Treasurer, respectively, of BirdLife South Africa) as well as prominent businesspeople Humphrey Borkum, Nicky Newton-King, David Lawrence and Roger Wanless. David Lawrence, who was Deputy Chairperson of Investec, is the Chairperson of the BirdLife National Trust.

Since its formal inception in 2012, and through the generosity of several private and corporate benefactors, the Trust has already accumulated significant funds. BirdLife South Africa is confident that the Trust will, in the near- and medium-term, attract substantial funds to assist the organization in its critical function of protecting our country’s precious birds.

Isdell House, BirdLife South Africa’s head office in Johannesburg, is owned by the BirdLife National Trust. More information about the BirdLife National Trust can be obtained from Mark D. Anderson, CEO of BirdLife South Africa.