Jan / Feb 2022"

There’s a wealth of holiday reading in the January/February 2022 issue of the magazine, as well as some stunning photography. Plus, a free copy of the Checklist of Birds in South Africa 2022 is included with every magazine.

Bird of the Year 2022
Introducing the new Bird of the Year, the Cape Gannet. This attractive and well-known seabird faces a raft of threats and challenges.

Far & wild
Road-tripping in Namibia
Mike Buckham and his family’s holiday to Namibia delivered some memorable photographic opportunities, with vast open plains, blue and cloudless skies and showy birds, many of which are endemic to this special country.

Free for all
Photographer Malcolm Sutton spent time at a vulture ‘restaurant’ in KwaZulu-Natal and captured the behaviour of a variety of species as they attempted to take advantage of the easy pickings.

Action Attraction
Kicking off
Three Secretarybirds show a black-backed jackal in no uncertain terms that it’s time for it to leave the area.

Ringing in the changes
Sandwich Terns in South Africa
Advances in making rings more readable mean that it is far easier for birders to observe and accurately track migrant species around the world. Data collected from ringed Sandwich Terns in South Africa are proving intriguing.

Throwing shade
Sean Thackwray takes a whimsical look at the challenges – and delights ‒ of photographing birds in forest conditions.

Talking Tech
Peter Ryan reviews Canon’s RF 100–500mm zoom lens.