Sept / Oct 2020"

News & Views
The flip side of swifts; Staining on Southern Royal Albatross neck; Kleptoparasitism in Red Phalarope; White-fronted Plover breeding after lockdown; Book reviews: Peacocks and Picathartes and Observations and experiences with birds breeding in Botswana.

Better late than never
First record of Madagascar Pratincole in South Africa
Faansie Peacock plays detective and unravels a 15-year-old record of a mystery pratincole in the

Eastern Cape
Littorally Speaking
Long a popular holiday haunt, the seaside town of Hermanus is coming into its own as a birding destination. Duncan Butchart scans the shoreline for some of his favourite species.

Zululand Zenith
Adam Riley and his family headed to a northern KwaZulu-Natal game reserve for the three-week lockdown. Taking full advantage of the diversity of bird-rich habitats, he managed to log an impressive 260 bird species during his time spent there.

Master Blaster
48 hours in the Vumba
Morgan Trimble spent two days birding at Seldomseen in the Vumba in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands. The experience was heightened by the guiding wizardry of Buluwesi Murambiwa.

Best of birding in Ethiopia
Philip Briggs takes us on a tour of eight of the best birding destinations in this country packed with alluring endemics, ever-changing landscapes and remarkable history.

Times are tough and SABAP needs urgent financial support to continue its invaluable work of mapping bird distributions.