March/April 2023"

Birders and their appetite for all things birds and birding take centre stage in this issue as they travel far and wide in pursuit of their passion.

In addition to the feature articles, this issue features an enticing crop of rarities recorded during the past two months, news & views and competitions, and includes a copy of the large-format poster showcasing the Cape Parrot, the Bird of the Year 2023.

Birders going all out

  • For Trevor Hardaker, 2022 was a really big birding year. His goals, in locations near and far, were impressive and he proved how seriously committed you need to be to achieve those birding targets.
  • Ever heard of the Patagonia Picnic Table Effect? Garret Skead explains the phenomenon ‒and it’s a sure-fire incentive for birders to keep their eyes peeled…
  • Mike Buckham travelled to the Lower Zambezi Valley to fulfil a lifelong birding dream of seeing the African Pitta.
  • The tropical rainforests of Central and West Africa appear inhospitable, plagued by biting insects, disease, torrential rain and formidable animals. So why would anyone want to go there? Brendon Dredge explains.

Where and when to go?

John Mendelsohn and Sue Milton pose intriguing questions about the factors that drive the behaviour of nomadic birds.

Breeding in the Bushveld

Lowveld resident Kevin McDonald was privileged to monitor the successful breeding cycle of a pair of Pearl-spotted Owlets.


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