May / Jun 2017"
Bird Gardens

Our new feature on indigenous gardening showcases six of the best forest plants.

Getting away with murder

Analysing nest predation

Nest predation is part of the everyday life of a bird. It affects behaviour and influences when and where birds breed, their clutch size and the appearance of their nests and eggs. Derek Engelbrecht and Samson Mulaudzi share the results of some of their intriguing research.

Shining Light

Samson Mulaudzi’s passion, dedication and hard work make him an inspiration to many

birders, his community and hundreds of schoolkids.

Wild, but worth it

Birding in Bénoué

Cameroon supports almost 970 bird species, of which a fair proportion are specials – and nearly a third can be found in Bénoué National Park. Richard Flack explores.


Better together

Warwick Tarboton demonstrates how hide photography, done with care, can present great opportunities to witness and photograph moments in birds’ lives that one would not otherwise see.

Tiny Tailors

One of the most ingenious and exquisite of all bird nests is that made by the Grey-backed

Camaroptera. Pete Hancock and Mark Muller managed to locate a couple of these nests and tracked the progress of the species’ breeding season.