Mar / Apr 2015"
Personal Best

Top birder Faansie Peacock discovers the joys of birding with a baby as the youngest member of the team.

Failure to launch Post-fledging dependency in African Wood Owls

African Wood Owl fledglings remain dependent on their parents for an unusually long time. Mattheuns Pretorius discusses various reasons why this happens.

Reflex Action

A routine photo opportunity with a Pale Chanting Goshawk revealed a lot more than expected.

The Rains Migrants

At the end of the dry season in the northern Kalahari, rains engulf the landscape and form ephemeral pans. Seemingly overnight, different species of birds arrive in their numbers to take advantage of this and breed. But how the birds know when and where optimal conditions prevail is a mystery.

Portfolio: Wild Things

We share some of the powerful bird images that photographic guide Gerry van der Walt has taken during his trips through Africa.