Nov / Dec 2012"
Adrift… Lake Ngami’s Great White Pelicans

Botswana’s Lake Ngami is one of the most important sites for breeding birds in southern Africa, with more than 40 species of waterbirds raising thousands of young which disperse throughout the region. Pete Hancock reports how an exceptional breeding event of Great White Pelicans there was thwarted through a lack of adequate protection and conservation measures.

In the thick of it

Why do birds live communally? René van Dijk reveals the hidden benefits of the massive, thatched nests of Sociable Weavers, so characteristic of the drier regions of the subcontinent.

Capturing the Kalahari

A stunning portfolio of images from consummate photographer, Johann Grobbelaar.

Written off?

Ronan Donovan examines the threats facing five of East Africa’s endemic species whose papyrus habitat is decreasing at an alarming rate as the pressures of agriculture and a burgeoning human population take their toll.