Jul / Aug 2020"


Lessons in lockdown
Covid-19 – a boon for birds?
Peter Ryan canvassed birders in an attempt to piece together how birds responded to the unprecedented reduction in human activity during the strictest lockdown period.

Why ‘lockdown lists’ in a pentad don’t necessarily qualify as full protocol cards, regardless of their length.

All good things…
The Peninsula’s Peregrines
Raptor researcher Andrew Jenkins reflects on his three decades of field work on Peregrine Falcons in the Cape Peninsula.

Cavity combat
An unrelenting, season-long battle between Yellow-billed Hornbills and Common Mynas for possession of a coveted nest hole.

Capturing Kruger
In this portfolio, photographer Chris van Rooyen explains the methods behind some of the memorable bird images he has taken in the Kruger National Park.

Hot flushes
Research using thermal-imaging technology reveals how Southern Ground-Hornbills are able to dissipate excess body heat.

No entry
As they attempt to get at a terrapin’s flesh, a family of Southern Ground-Hornbills is thwarted by its unbreakable armour.

Wild ride
Atlasing in the Mara region
Alan Lee discovered that conducting a citizen science atlasing project in Kenya proved more challenging than he had anticipated.

Discover birding
John Kinghorn gives 10 top tips to would-be birders on how to get started ‒ at any age ‒ without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

Deon Coetzee, Middelpunt Wetland Trust.

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