Sep / Oct 2019"

Benguela Blues
Why are South Africa’s coastal birds facing extinction?
Andrew Jenkins takes a sobering look at the considerable challenges facing the once abundant species along the country’s coastline and considers possible solutions.

Six of the Best
Spring birding destinations in and around Gauteng
John Kinghorn shakes off the winter chill and heads off to visit six of the most productive birding destinations in Gauteng.

A photographer who prefers to adopt a watch-and-wait philosophy when it comes to bird photography, Albie Venter shares some of his favourite images that highlight behaviour.

Rwanda revival
Akagera & Nyungwe national parks
John Maytham goes birding in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park and contemplates the changes that have occurred in the country since his previous visit.

Focus close to home
Photographing garden birds
Practical tips on how to take social media-worthy images of birds, without leaving the comfort of your home.