Mar / Apr 2013"
Glut & Glory Zambezi floodplain specials

Ace photographer Johann Grobbelaar revels in the sheer abundance of bird species to be found along the Zambezi River floodplain. Here he shares some of his favourite images of the specials of the area.

Camera Action

Observant photographers capture the moment. In this issue, bait-fishing by Little Bittern, and an African Harrier-Hawk hunting in suburbia.

Convergent Evolution Binocular review 2013

Your must-have guide to that indispensable equipment! Peter Ryan and his team review and rate 40 pairs of the best binoculars currently on the market – in every price range.

House Martins make a home

Rod Randall records the unusual occurrence of Common House Martins, long considered to be non-breeding migrants to sub-Saharan Africa, nesting and successfully raising young in the Western Cape.

Undercover Agents

Several species of birds that occur in southern Africa have the habit of covering their eggs, either as a strategy to avoid predation or for insulation, and sometimes both.