Jan / Feb 2015"
Burrowing down with Böhm’s Bee-eater

Martin Benadie records the tunnel-nesting behaviour of the little-studied Böhm’s Bee-eater along the Shire River in Malawi.

Happy Kamfers

Mark D. Anderson reports on the resurgence of Kimberley’s Kamfers Dam and its internationally celebrated Lesser Flamingo breeding island.

Frontier Freedom

Laikipia in north-central Kenya is free of the usual restrictions that apply at most national parks. Albie Venter takes advantage of this to discover the region’s birdlife.

Burning Issue

Is much-vaunted solar energy the next bird conservation challenge? BirdLife South Africa’s Samantha Ralston reviews recent developments.

Mob Rule

An amazing sequence of photographs shows how a feisty group of Arrow-marked Babblers mob a large boomslang.