Jan / Feb 2021"

The January/February 2021 issue of African Birdlife contains a varied mix of intriguing articles as well as an assortment of news, reviews and competitions. As a bonus, each issue will contain a complimentary copy of the Checklist of Birds in South Africa 2021.

Rare dedication
One of the country’s most active birders, Trevor Hardaker runs the region’s highly regarded rare bird alert system. We chatted to him about his passion for birding.

Sex and the single plover
Peter Ryan takes a discreet look at the unexpected breeding behaviour of some of the world’s plover species.

Camera Action: Opportunity strikes
Blink and you’d miss it. Photographer Arno Ellmer captured the moment of impact as a Tawny Eagle snatched a Cape Turtle Dove at a waterhole.

Big Little Liars
Gabriel Jamie examines parasitism, mimicry and speciation in the indigobirds and whydahs of Africa.

On the menu
Observations of prey items taken by a Cape Longclaw and a Black-headed Heron.

Where Kalahari meets Congo
Frank Willems explores Mwinilunga, a little-known but very productive birding area in north-western Zambia.

Rocherpan Nature Reserve
Situated on the Cape’s West Coast, Rocherpan Nature Reserve is just two hours’ drive from Cape Town and an idyllic breakaway for birders.

Do not disturb
Grant Atkinson highlights the value of the stealth factor when photographing birds.