May / June 2019"

Enchanted Evenings

with African Barred Owlets

Barred Owlets chose to nest in a tree in the midst of the busy surrounds of a game lodge camp, giving photographer Albie Venter an unobstructed view of events.

Kingfishers’ close encounters

Observations of the behaviour of African Pygmy and Brown-hooded kingfishers nesting within a metre of one another.

Who’s counting?

Red-billed Queleas

Dieter Oschadleus set out to discover whether the Red-billed Quelea is indeed the world’s most numerous wild bird.

Vultures of Eden

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique has had a traumatic past. But given the state of the park a decade ago, many now view it as a remarkable conservation success story, particularly when it comes to Africa’s vulture populations.

In black and white

Colour aberrations in White-chinned Petrels

David Allan looks at the numerous and confusing plumage variations that may be seen in one of the most commonly encountered seabirds in local waters.

The magic never dies

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

World-renowned for its flora, Kirstenbosch is also a favourite site for local birders.

Trees for birds

A new series in which we feature a range of indigenous trees, shrubs and creepers that are particularly appealing to garden birds.

Daredevil on a handkerchief

Sacha Dench flew 7000 kilometres in a paramotor to track the migration of Bewick’s Swan in Europe. She now hopes to fly across Africa to highlight the plight of other migratory waterbirds.