Sep / Oct 2015"
Bird Photography Basics: Choosing your lens

Our review panel put eight of the latest, affordable camera lenses through their paces and came up with some interesting results. This in-depth analysis will prove invaluable to photographers!

Sky Diver

Ayres’s Hawk Eagle stoops to conquer… Niel Cillié presents a remarkable set of photographs of this acrobatic raptor in action in and around Pretoria.

A Watchful Eye

Inquisitive or protective? A Jackal Buzzard became a frequent overhead companion during photographer Dionne Miles’ mountain walks in the Western Cape.

It’s Complicated.  Long-distance relationships

By following up on the ringing records of a handful of seabirds, David Allan discovered some intriguing avian coincidences across the globe.

Personal Best

Well-known birder, twitcher and photographer Trevor Hardaker describes how his hobby developed into a passion that has led him to travel the world in his quest to see certain species.