Jul / Aug 2019"

Feature articles


In March, the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands was hit by storms which resulted in the death of thousands of
Amur Falcons, killed at their roosts. David Allan met with the people trying to save the surviving

Bird of the Year 2019
From fences to poisons, Secretarybirds face a range of threats on a daily basis.

Testing, testing
A look at how birders sometimes see what they want to see, not what’s right in front of them.

One of a kind
Hugh Chittenden observes the unusual Eastern Nicator, a skulking species that is more often heard
than seen.

The search for Green-breasted Pitta
Mike Buckham’s chase through Uganda’s Kibale National Park to find the elusive Green-breasted

Images by Calvin Kotze of Zimanga Private Reserve.

Island survivor
The Tristan Thrush is the only land bird that survived human colonisation of the main island of
Tristan da Cunha. Peter Ryan considers the traits that allowed this supreme generalist to persist.

Birding in the Mountain Zebra National Park
This Eastern Cape park has a growing reputation for excellent birding and boasts some 20 endemics.
A short stay of three or four days can yield a tally of more than 100 bird species. BirdLife South
Africa’s Andrew de Blocq paid a visit.

Patch works
To counteract an increasingly sterile environment, biologists in Cape Town have created botanical
‘stepping stones’ in school gardens, where sunbirds can refuel as they move between natural areas.