Raptors make up a quarter (26%) of the South African threatened bird species (State of South Africa’s Birds Report 2018).

Of the six regionally Critically Endangered species, four are vultures (Bearded, Hooded, White-backed and White-headed Vultures), along with the Taita Falcon and Southern Banded Snake Eagle.

BirdLife South Africa is working closely with both local and global partners to conserve Africa’s vultures and mitigate the impacts of threats such as direct poisoning through the use of agrochemicals and indirect poisoning via lead toxicosis.

The Terrestrial Bird Conservation Programme currently has species projects running on the Critically Endangered Taita Falcon and Southern Banded Snake Eagle, as well as the Endangered Black Harrier and Vulnerable Secretarybird.

These apex predators are useful indicators of ecosystem health and viability but face a myriad of threats from collisions and electrocutions on power infrastructure, poisoning, direct persecution and habitat loss.

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Excerpt from the State of South Africa’s Birds Report 2018, pg 12