Sclater’s Lark is endemic to western South Africa and Southern Namibia and occurs primarily on poorly vegetated gravel and stony plains. This species is noted as being sparsely distributed and rarely common even in optimal habitat conditions.

It is uniquely specialised to exist within barren arid and semi-arid environments and seems to be less mobile and nomadic than other small granivorous species inhabiting similar arid environments. This species is currently poorly represented within existing protected areas across its range and the current population status is not well known.

Project aims/activities:

  • Conduct a global assessment of the current status of this species across its range to better inform conservation measures undertaken.
  • Develop a conservation network for this species incorporating the core sites that have remained most stable and could allow the species to persist.
  • Implement stewardship initiatives to provide conservation protection for any core sites that are not situated within existing protected areas.