Explore the countryside beyond Dullstroom by touring one of three local day birding routes. These routes will take you through some of the most diverse and breathtaking scenery of the Steenkampsberg at the transition of the Grassland and Savanna Biomes. Enjoy nearly 400 species of birds inhabiting wetlands, rocky outcrops, escarpment forests and near-pristine grasslands.

Only vehicles with 4×4 capabilities and high clearance should be used to drive these routes.

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Greater Lakenvlei Birding Route

Greater Lakenvlei (return via Old Machadodorp Road)

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Greater Lakenvlei (return via Kruisfontein Road)

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  1. Blue Crane
  2. Grey-crowned Crane
  3. Secretarybird
  4. White-backed Duck
  5. Red-throated Wryneck
  6. Buff-streaked Chat
  7. Southern Bald Ibis
  8. Eastern Long-billed Lark
  9. Denham’s Bustard
  10. White-winged Flufftail

Dullstroom Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre

– bird exhibits, shows, photography and restaurant

Ama Poot-Poot Hiking Trail

– birding and day hike

Lakenvlei Forest Lodge

– birding and restaurant

Verloren Valei Birding Route

Verloren Valei (return via Oshoek)

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Verloren Valei (return via Tonteldoos)

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  1. Wattled Crane
  2. Blue Crane
  3. Denham’s Bustard
  4. Yellow-breasted Pipit
  5. Eastern Long-billed Lark
  6. Grey-winged Francolin
  7. Corn Crake
  8. Grass Owl
  9. Sentinel Rock Thrush
  10. Ground Woodpecker

Verloren Valei Nature Reserve

– guided and self-guided birding drive

Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency

Booking is required to visit Verloren Valei Nature Reserve. To book, please call/WhatsApp/email the reserve office at:

Martha Makuwa (Admin Officer)
Cell phone: 074 575 8202/078 393 0942
Email: marthamakuwa95@gmail.com

Mr MP Serakwana (Reserve Manager)
Cell phone: 066 008 2292/078 550 0489
Email: mpserakwana@gmail.com/patrick.serakwana@mtpa.co.za

A nominal charge is levied by the reserve. Visitors must always check-in at reception.


Groot Suikerboschkop Hiking Trail

– birding and day hike


The Cat & The Cow

– restaurant

083 445 5037 / 079 199 6534

Friends of Verloren Valei

Contact info@verlorenvalei.org.za to find out more about organised guided group tours in the reserve.


Below the Escarpment Birding Route

Below the Escarpment (return via The Cowshed)

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Below the Escarpment (return via R36)

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  1. Southern Bald Ibis
  2. Crowned Eagle
  3. White-bellied Korhaan
  4. White- Starred Robin
  5. Eastern Clapper Lark
  6. Southern Tchagra
  7. Short-tailed Pipit
  8. Narina Trogon
  9. Fan-tailed Grassbird
  10. Orange-breasted Waxbill

Verlorenkloof Hiking Trails

– birding and day hikes


Verlorenkloof Estate

– restaurant



Elands Valley Guest Farm


Greystone Lodge (registered BLSA Recommended Accommodation) 


Raptor’s View Dullstroom


Santa Estate (registered BLSA Recommended Accommodation)


Walkersons Hotel & Spa
(registered BLSA Recommended Accommodation)


Dullstroom on the Dam


Emergency numbers

SAPS (Dullstroom) – 013 254 0141
SAPS (Lydenburg) – 013 235 2222
SAPS (Belfast) – 013 253 1214
Tallow Auto (Dullstroom) – 079 895 6840
Longtom Towing (Lydenburg) – 082 495 5622 / 076 720 7397 / 072 715 5417
Super Quick (Lydenburg) – 013 235 2365
Mega Tyres (Belfast) – 013 253 1485
Lydenburg Public Ambulance – 082 940 3432
Belfast Public Ambulance – 013 253 0114
Life Midmed Ambulance (Middelburg) – 071 602 3606
Legacy Emergency Medical Services (Witbank) – 061 996 0911
LifeMed (Mpumalanga) – 086 108 6911
Lydenburg Public Hospital – 013 253 2233
Belfast Public Hospital – 013 253 1184
Life Midmed Hospital (Middelburg) – 013 283 8716

Life Cosmos Hospital (Witbank) – 013 653 8002


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Escarpment Bird Club

The Escarpment Bird Club has no formal membership but aims to serve birders and visitors alike. We are supporters of BirdLife South Africa’s vision and share their goals of enjoyment, conservation, study, and understanding of wild birds and their habitats, insofar as they relate to the diverse highland environments of the Steenkampsberg Plateau and Mpumalanga Escarpment region.


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