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Make an online donation to help BirdLife South Africa conserve its country’s birds and their habitats.  Donations to BirdLife South Africa may contribute to your B-BBEE scorecard as we are fully SED compliant in terms of the B-BBEE Act. We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (No. 930004518) and authorised to issue 18A tax certificates where applicable.

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Seabird Conservation Programme

Albatross Task Force fund 

The Albatross Task Force saves thousands of seabirds every year through projects aimed at reducing seabird interactions with fishing gear. We engage directly with fisheries and the government on improving legislation and compliance with seabird bycatch mitigation measures. We empower persons with disabilities who manufacture bird-scaring lines to trawl and longline fisheries. Training and awareness to fisheries practitioners helps drive more sustainable use of our oceans. Donations to this fund will support us in achieving our goal of, sustaining and further improving the conservation status of seabirds globally. 

African Penguin fund

The Coastal Seabird Team at BirdLife South Africa are involved with various solution-driven projects to improve the conservation status of African Penguins. These include the development of a new colony at De Hoop Nature Reserve, advocating for fishing closures around sensitive marine habitat, and understanding threats faced by this species during the non-breeding season and in regions with increased maritime activity. Donations to this fund will help achieve the objectives of these core conservation projects for the African Penguin.

Landscape Conservation Programme

Protecting Ecosystems Fund

The Protecting Ecosystems team use the biodiversity stewardship mechanism to expand South Africa’s protected area network onto privately owned land through voluntary commitments underpinned by legal frameworks. Priority threatened habitats include the Western Cape estuaries and the high-altitude grasslands and wetlands of the eastern escarpment. 

Species of Conservation Concern fund

South Africa has 87 threatened terrestrial species including several vultures, raptors and large terrestrial birds such as storks and bustards. The Species of Conservation Concern Fund directs support towards South Africa’s most threatened species and the conservation projects dedicated to saving them including the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail, Blue Swallow and Taita Falcon and the Endangered Secretarybird and Black Harrier.    

Regional Conservation Programme

Biodiversity conservation for Africa fund

This fund is used to support BirdLife partner institutions to mobilise accurate biodiversity data to inform wise land use decision making by using internationally recognised standards of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) for species and ecosystems Red Listing, as well as Standards for Key Biodiversity Areas.

East Atlantic Flyway Initiative

The East Atlantic Flyway Initiative (EAFI) supports the work of the EAFI Project Manager to ensure the conservation of important migratory species and the key sites they utilise along the Flyway. This work is done in collaboration with BirdLife Partners and organisations within South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Empowering People Programme

BirdLife South Africa’s Community Bird Guides

BirdLife South Africa trains people from rural, underprivileged backgrounds to become professional freelance bird and nature guides. This project has a successful 20+ year track record with over 200 graduates. Donations will be put towards training new guides and supporting our existing network.

Environmental Education and Awareness 

The Environmental Education and Awareness project is designed for scholars from all the different kinds of schools in South Africa. This dynamic project seeks to educate youngsters about biodiversity conservation.  The primary objective is to integrate species and habitat conservation using a holistic approach to conservation learning. 

Science & Innovation Programme

Science that benefits conservation

The Science & Innovation Programme uses a variety of databases to determine how species are doing. Currently, this is part of the regional Red Listing process that follows IUCN guidelines to inform the Red Data Book. 

Citizen Science

The Southern African Bird Atlas Project (SABAP2) is the most important bird monitoring project in South Africa. Contributions will be used to support the management of the project through, for example, workshops and atlas bashes.  

Policy & Advocacy Programme

Actions to Safeguard Priority Sites and Species

Africa’s birds and their habitats face a wide variety of threats. Productive and service sectors such as agriculture, extractive industries, and infrastructural development put pressure on ecosystems and, if such sectors’ activities are poorly planned/regulated/implemented, they can have disastrous impacts on birds and their habitats. BirdLife South Africa’s Policy & Advocacy Programme works to strategically address threats to priority sites and species in South Africa and other African countries – including by providing input on relevant legal developments, spatial planning, strategic environmental assessments and development applications, and challenging associated decisions, where appropriate. Support from donations helps us to continue this important work.

Birds and Renewable Energy Project

We cannot imagine a future without renewable energy, and we do not want to imagine a future without some of our most beautiful birds of prey. The Birds and Renewable Energy Project helps ensure that the transition to renewable energy is sensitive to nature. We do this by providing evidence-based guidance and advice to support the appropriate location and management of renewable energy infrastructure. By supporting our work, you will help us de-risk investment in renewable energy and save thousands of raptors each year.

Business Division

Wakkerstroom Tourism and Education Centre

The BirdLife South Africa Wakkerstroom Tourism and Education Centre is ideally placed in the heart of the Eastern Highveld Grasslands in the village of Wakkerstroom.  The area is a very important bird ecotourism destination that attracts local and international visitors during the summer months.  The Centre has served as a birdwatching hub with training facilities, accommodation, and bird hides and has also managed part of the wetland since 1999.  The Centre caters for both visiting birders and the local community.  The Centre, through various education projects, aims to educate children about the environment and the important responsibility of being custodians of the associated biodiversity of the area and natural landscape.  

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