#ProtectAPenguin – Join the Global Penguin Campaign

penguinCampaign Vision:

A world where penguins are no longer threatened with extinction and their habitats are protected.

The problem:

More than half of all penguin species are threatened with extinction. Habitat loss, oil spills, mortalities caused by fishing nets, and climate change all play a part.
African Penguins are no different and populations are decreasing in South Africa and Namibia, the only two countries where they are found. BirdLife South Africa is involved in African Penguin conservation through creating colonies in new locations, where food sources are more plentiful and protecting marine habitat of penguins.

Aim and how we will achieve it:

Together with BirdLife International and partners around the world, BirdLife South Africa is launching a campaign to improve the fortunes of penguins across the globe by tackling the major threats driving declines. To achieve this, we will: identify the most important places at sea for penguins and advocate for their protection; work to tackle bycatch in fisheries; carry out scientific and advocacy work to improve fisheries management; protect important colonies through predator control, habitat restoration and enhancing biosecurity; establish new colonies where appropriate; monitor penguin populations to assess the effectiveness of conservation action
Please join us and protect a penguin today.