The Kruger Bird & Wildlife Challenge

In support of the White-winged Flufftail

Postponed to 2023

This fundraiser is in aid of the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail (Sarothrura ayresi), one of the world’s rarest birds, for which Rockjumper Birding Tours is also the BirdLife International Species Champion.

Starting in Skukuza and ending in Mopani in the Kruger National Park, don’t miss this opportunity to meet and spend time with many other like-minded birders and conservationists in one of the world’s greatest untouched wildernesses. Eighteen teams following 8 different routes spanning the length of the Kruger National Park, will challenge each other to experience first class birding and Big Five experiences. Each team of nine members in an open safari vehicle will be accompanied by a birding expert and a registered Kruger guide. During this fun challenge, the competitive teams will try to find and identify as many bird and mammal species, with each species being awarded points based on rarity. This time around we will be offering a variety of routes, varying in pace from competitive to relaxed, and all in aid of White-winged Flufftail conservation. The increased options on offer include competitive routes, non-competitive northern or southern park routes, photographic routes, and an exclusive Kruger Bush Camp experience. Rates are inclusive of breakfast and dinner, while the special Bush Camp routes are fully inclusive of all meals. 


We are thrilled to launch an epic birding and wildlife event that promises to provide:

  • First class birding in one of the world’s great untouched wildernesses; South Africa’s jewel, the Kruger National Park;
  • Unrivalled wildlife experiences including the famous Big Five;
  • Small groups guided by an expert birder as well as a professional Kruger driver-guide in an open safari vehicle;
  • A fun challenge to try find and identify as many bird and mammal species, with each species being awarded points based on rarity;
  • Meeting and spending time with many other like-minded birders and conservationists;
  • Exciting prizes; and
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY helping to raise much needed funds to snatch the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail from the brink of extinction (all profits from this challenge will be donated to the Middelpunt Wetland Trust managed by BirdLife South Africa for the conservation of the White-winged Flufftail.

We have a maximum capacity for 18 teams consisting of 9 people. The cost of participating starts from R22,950 (approximately US$1,640 at current exchange rates) and the pricing will differ depending on which set of routes you choose. If you put together your own team of 9 then you will be rewarded with a 50% discount on your individual booking.

Rockjumper is donating its time and expertise to arrange and manage this event. If this sounds like fun to you then don’t hesitate to join us on the great Kruger Bird and Wildlife Challenge with a date in 2023 still to be decided on.

BirdLife South Africa, the Middelpunt Wetland Trust and Rockjumper Birding Tours are looking forward to sharing this meaningful but fun challenge with you.