It is with immense regret that we write to inform you that that the Board of BirdLife South Africa has had to make the difficult decision to cancel Flock to the Wilderness 2020.

As you may have been made aware by recent announcements by BirdLife South Africa, our offices are closed with immediate effect, and will announce in future when we will re-open based on the development of circumstances that are being monitored daily by our dedicated COVID-19 Response Team. This decision to close was made to help prevent BirdLife South Africa’s staff, members, volunteers, and indeed the public from contracting the virus (and to help limit the spread of the virus). However, this decision is not limited to our workplace circumstances, but also our events and meetings.

As Flock to the Wilderness will be a gathering of more than a 100 people, we have to adhere to the South African government’s directive and cancel the meeting. We consider it necessary to take action sooner rather than later and limit the impact of costs for our members and supporters.

Please take note of the following:

  • Refunds for bookings to The Wilderness Hotel will be paid according to The Wilderness Hotel Cancellation Policy as follows: 
    • In the event of cancellation, the following rules shall apply (based on a 50% deposit):
    • 0-14 days: 100% cancellation fee
    • 15-30 days: 50% cancellation fee
    • 31+ days: 10% cancellation fee
    • Please contact the Hotel directly to arrange your refund
  • If bookings were made at accommodations besides The Wilderness Hotel, contact with them should be made directly to cancel and arrange the possible refund.
  • If any payments for the AGM lunch were erroneously made to BirdLife South Africa, this will be refunded. Please contact Julie Bayley for this.
  • The AGM itself will be rescheduled and most like happen in Johannesburg at Isdell House, and platforms for joining remotely will be made available (Zoom for example). A date for this will be communicated in due course.

We trust that you understand and support this decision. We will no doubt have to arrange a Flock to the Wilderness to visit this beautiful area of the country when things have gone back to ‘normal’ again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your understanding.