State South Africa's Birds Report

053 cape gannet1125 MKO4552m fronemanBirdLife South Africa is looking to publish the first State of South Africa’s Birds Report for the region. This exceptionally important publication will draw on national survey and monitoring data to provide a detailed and authoritative insight into the status of and pressures faced by birds and biodiversity within the country, with examples of conservation actions being undertaken by stakeholders in conserving birds. Amongst all taxa, birds are ideal subjects to measure environmental change. Apart from being much more highly visible than small mammals and reptiles, bird taxa are appropriate indicators of ecosystem health, comparatively popular, and well-studied. In addition, the availability of significant long-term datasets in South Africa has made birds a good choice as the basis for a biodiversity early-warning system for environmental change impacts.

The State of South Africa’s Birds Report will provide a summarised snapshot of where, why and how members of this exceptionally important group are declining, and give shape and force to initiatives aimed at eliminating anthropogenic influences. It will be essential in the shaping of governmental policy relating to species protection, reserve establishment and implementing measures to halt the threats to birds and their habitats.

For more information, please contact Martin Taylor on +27(0)72 277 7254 or email