African Birdlife
BirdLife South Africa's magazine, African Birdlife

African Birdlife is a bi-monthly magazine and includes well-written articles and stunning photographs of our continent's birds. It is an important mouthpiece for BirdLife South Africa to create awareness about bird research and conservation work.

We also have the expert assistance of two scientific advisors, Professors Peter Ryan and Andrew McKechnie. The magazine production is managed by the African Birdlife Management Committee, and the committee is chaired by David Chamberlain.

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Action Attraction
Triple Whammy
It is tough to survive in the arid Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Opportunistic behaviour is the order of the day; even raptors are not safe.

No small matter
Birding with children
Ardent birdwatcher and photographer Ewan Potgieter muses on the pros and cons of birding with small children in tow.

Claremont High on Birds
Intent on inspiring the next generation of birdwatchers, school teacher Garth Shaw took a group of newbies on a tour to the Eastern Cape.

Magical Mystery Tour
I’m a birder … not
When John Yeld and his wife set off on a nine-week road trip through southern Africa, they were determined to see ‒ and hopefully correctly identify ‒ as many birds on their wish list as possible.

To the Mafinga Mountains
Leslie Reynolds undertook a vertebrate survey to the remote, hard-to-reach and seldom birded Mafinga Mountains in north-eastern Zambia.

Birding in Eden: Fynbos and forest
Richard du Toit shares some of the delights and challenges to be had in birding and photographing along the Garden Route.

Talking Tech
Mirrorless cameras are causing a stir in the photographic world, as Martin Benadie reports. Peter Ryan reviews the Kowa Genesis 33 Prominar 10x33 binoculars.