The world is returning to normal and the IOCongress™ 2022 Durban will be one of the first opportunities to resume global ornithological networking, and to share research and ideas in person again. The congress also provides an opportunity for an extended birding and safari trip in Africa’s best set up region for tourism.

The conference includes 45 state of the art symposia, over 500 “live” talk slots, 34 round table discussions, unlimited virtual posters, and 9 plenaries, over four and a half days. All scientifically valid submissions will be included in the virtual program as pre-recorded oral presentations, with the best, early submitted presentations being chosen for in person “live” talks for the 4½ days of the physical conference. Attendance can be in person or virtual, and all contributions will be available, anytime, as pre-recorded podcasts so every presentation can be seen regardless of timetabling or location. The entire virtual program of presentation podcasts will then form the conference proceedings. There are day and half day birding excursions, early morning small group birding with local guides each day and opportunities to combine the conference with wider birding and safari opportunities in Southern Africa.

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We look forward to seeing you in person or virtually at the IOCongress™ 2022 Durban August 15th – 20th 2022.

Ornithological conferences are important as they stimulate learning, interactions and outcomes that benefit bird species and their habitats. The IOCongressTM 2022 in Durban, South Africa, promises to deliver, with over 40 symposia on an extensive range of topics.

The IOCongressTM2022 will be a hybrid of virtual and physical attendance and aims to be
inclusive, especially for young ornithologists and those from the Global South. Another reason ornithologist often travel to conferences is to watch birds. So, we are trying to make birding an important part of the IOCongressTM 2022 and have involved BirdLife SA and local bird guides to be available for delegates wishing to experience some of the amazing birding South Africa has to offer. The conference will start with a half-day of birding trips, and then early each morning, there will be optional birding opportunities in and around Durban.

There will also be opportunities to go on pre-and post-conference tours. On the Saturday after the conference, there will be a pelagic trip. Details of all these will be on the website.

Some of our young birders are also sharing birding information and photographs on the website and in the mailers, so be sure to look out for them to help brush up your ID skills beforehand. We are also hoping to have some banding sessions so people can see some birds in the hand and up close. We look forward to welcoming you at IOCongress TM2022 and sharing our passion for our birds.

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