BirdLife South Africa aims to promote South Africa as a top-class bird watching destination which is vital for the long-term conservation of the country’s wild birds and their habitats. With this in mind, we have a network of BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodations that we encourage birders to make use of. These accommodations are vetted against various criteria to make sure that they are equipped for birding guests. We also have BirdLife South Africa Recommended Tour Operators and BirdLife South Africa Recommended Course Providers.

If you have stayed at an accommodation that is particularly geared for birders and not yet listed here, or if you manage such an establishment, please get a representative to fill in the online application form. You can view our information brochure for details on the wide range of benefits and the rates for each tier. Any queries can be directed to

Look out for the “BirdLife South Africa Recommended” logo, which signifies that an accommodation is part of our network. This indicates that they can cater to the needs of birders, are responsible tourism operators, and support BirdLife South Africa and its objective of conserving wild birds and their habitats.

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The BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodations are listed according to provinces and nearest city/town. Click on a province below to view more details about our Recommended Accommodations in the area.

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