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2018 Events

Barn Swallow Season NOW open from 5pm daily

swallowsCome and join us in witnessing the phenomena of Barn Swallows arriving from Europe.
Extend the invitation to friends, family, colleagues and business associates, this is something to be seen and experienced by everyone.

Open daily from 5pm until sunset (viewing closed if it is raining)

There is no big ‘Return of the Swallows’ festival this year, just an invitation to come and view the Swallows any day that is convenient to you.

APPEAL FOR HELP: Due to the poor show and very short Swallow Seasons over the past 2 years we are appealing to you for sponsorship/donations to assist with funding towards the upkeep of the Lake Victoria Viewing Site.

We do not have any sponsorship for the site and have relied on the entrance fee money to implement improvements and upkeep, these funds are now depleted. This is the first time we are appealing for help since the viewing site opened in 2006.

The gardens are looking amazing currently. Failure to secure funding will result in the closure of the Lake Victoria viewing site, this is so sad….we just do not have the funds to continue and therefore are appealing to you for assistance and contribution if at all possible during this very difficult period, here are the banking details:


ABSA SAVINGS Account: Mount Moreland Conservancy
Umhlanga Ridge Branch No: 632005
Account No: 9058493163.

Please use your name/company as a reference.


NOTE: This is first arrivals so it is still very early in the season and it is undetermined how many Swallows will arrive on an evening....the big numbers are still on route. Please see Daily Log

Frolicking in the Forests : 1 - 3 March 2019


Advert DDD FrolickingFrolicking in the Forests, Vleis and Fields around Verlorenkloof Nature Reserve with 3 esteemed birders; Geoff Lockwood, Duncan McKenzie and Ben von Wielligh.  More info at

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Lark Identification Course by Joe Grosel (13 April 2019)
Venue: Delta Environmental Center
Time: 10h00
Cost: R350 per person
Booking Contacts: (011) 782-7267

Larks are considered by most observers to be typically dull, unattractive birds that are difficult to see due to their mostly terrestrial habits and cryptic colouration. As a result, they are assumed to be uninteresting and hard to identify and are conveniently avoided by many bird watchers and naturalists. Yet on closer examination one will find the contrary to be true. In this 3-hour course Ecologist Joe Grosel unravels lark identification and works through the fascinating life history of all the Southern African species. A handy, full-colour identification key, issued at the course, will make the birder’s life significantly easier. Refreshments will be served after the course.

The Pan African Ornithological Congress

PAOC 2020


The Kruger Bird & Wildlife Challenge

Learn more about the Kruger Bird & Wildlife Challenge here.

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