Lesser Flamingo

Lesser Flamingo conservation

LesserFlamBirdLife South Africa is actively involved in the conservation of Lesser Flamingos at Kimberley's Kamfers Dam. At times, this wetland supports in excess of 80,000 Lesser Flamingos, the largest permament population in southern Africa. Kamfers Dam is threatened by a two major factors:

  • deteriorating water quality and
  • a proposed massive housing development which will be located on an adjacent property.

This wetland is one of the world's most important bird conservation sites, as it is only one of six places globally where Lesser Flamingos breed. They have bred on an artificial island during 2007/2008 (c. 9000 chicks) and 2008/2009 (c. 12,000 chicks), the very first time in recorded history that the species has bred in South Africa.

Mark Anderson, BirdLife South Africa's Chief Executive Officer, is actively involved in the conservation of Kamfers Dam's Lesser Flamingos:

  • he has been monitoring this flamingo population for more than 15 years,
  • he conceived the idea of the flamingo island and managed the project,
  • he is Vice-Chairperson of the Save the Flamingo Association committee and
  • he serves on the Flamingo Environmental Trust.

More information about Kamfers Dam and its flamingos can be obtained on www.savetheflamingo.co.za and www.andersonafrica.co.za