Terrestrial Bird Conservation

Conservation is the primary reason for BirdLife South Africa's existence. BirdLife South Africa believes that by conserving birds, we can conserve the broader environment. Birds are amongst the most visible, and mobile, animals in our natural environments. A healthy environment will have a full complement of native birds, and for this reason birds are widely recognised as exceptionally good indicators of ecosystem health.

BirdLife South Africa is part of a global network of bird conservation organisations under the umbrella of BirdLife International. Our bird conservation action is targeted at three levels: threatened species, threatened habitats and biodiversity conservation in general. Of course, those lines blur quite easily, and we have many cross-cutting bird and habitat conservation programmes.

Threatened Species

There are a number of globally and nationally threatened bird species in southern Africa. The Threatened Bird Species list contains the red data status of the threatened bird species in South Africa and also indicates their endemic and migratory status.

spreadsheet Threatened Species 2016 (96 KB)

spreadsheet Endemic Species 2016 (85 KB)

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Threatened Habitats
All the work that is done to conserve threatened habitats is linked strongly to the Important Bird Areas programme. There are a number of site-based conservation actions that BirdLife South Africa is involved with.

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Birds and Renewable Energy

The need for cleaner energy has resulted in a burgeoning renewable energy industry in South Africa. At BirdLife South Africa we acknowledge the predicted shortfall of evergy supply versus demand. We also recognise the need to include more renewable energy in our energy mix if the threat of climate change is to be reduced. BirdLife South Africa therefore supports the responsible development of a renewable energy industry in South Africa. Unfortunately, if poorly planned, renewable energy facilities can have negative impacts on birds and the environment. BirdLife South Africa is helping to minimise these impacts.

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