Hottentot Buttonquail Conservation Project

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BirdLife South Africa’s Hottentot Buttonquail Conservation Project

HottentotButtonquailimageThe Hottentot Buttonquail, Turnix hottentottus, a range-restricted fynbos endemic, may be the most thinly distributed of South Africa’s endemic bird species and one of the least frequently recorded resident and breeding terrestrial birds. The South African Bird Atlas Project contains only six pentad records for this species, fewer than any other threatened and endemic South African bird. The Hottentot Buttonquail has also been up-listed on the South African Red Data List for Birds, and is now classified as Endangered. The global population of Hottentot Buttonquail is unknown, but estimated to be <1 000 mature individuals!! The global population is suspected to be in decline owing to on-going habitat loss and degradation. The lack of knowledge regarding the species ecology, population size and distribution is cause for concern and requires immediate attention. A dedicated research project, led by Dale Wright and Dr Alan Lee, will aim to provide the baseline information required for this species, and to begin to determine appropriate conservation action.

You can help support this ambitious project by donating to BirdLife South Africa’s Fynbos Endemic Birds Project. However, and here’s the good bit – all donations above R650 will entitle you to choose one of these fantastic archival pigment print artworks by artist Neill Derek.

If you donate R1600 or more you will receive all three prints of these beautiful Fynbos endemic bird species.

The archival pigment prints are 40 x 40 cm and will be printed in beautiful colour on 280g Fabriano paper. The artist has done all the design work free of charge in support of bird conservation. The prints are limited edition. The art works are created digitally and then printed according to order, allowing BirdLife South Africa to reduce risk and minimise costs, whilst still providing a beautiful end product. This approach is ensuring that the major portion of the donation can be applied directly to the conservation work.

CapeRockjumper  HottentotButtonquail   OrangebreastedSunbird

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Download and complete the order form below if you are interested in supporting the Fynbos endemics research project for the Hottentot Buttonquail. Funds will be applied directly to the costs of the Hottentot Buttonquail research project, including fuel and other costs of the field work required. Any additional funds will be directed towards the Fynbos Endemic Birds Project and allow for the publication of awareness material for these special species.

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About the artist

Neill Derek completed his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at UCT, and following this also completed a post-graduate degree in Print Making. He has subsequently been working as a professional freelance artist for about 5 years. His work has included various corporate commissions for Coca-Cola, South African Airways and African Independent. He has also worked extensively with Johannesburg based interior design company, Kim H Interiors. Along with a number of private commissions for both local and international clients, Neill has exhibited extensively in South Africa.

More details

For more information about this project, please contact Dale Wright, Regional Conservation Manager: Western Cape on or call 072 562 3946