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Birdwatchers are generally a privileged lot! We have binoculars, sometimes several pairs. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to upgrade our binoculars, throwing our previous models into the cupboard where they go unseen for years. Birdwatchers also have a range of field guides, and our shelves are laden with “Sasol”, “Roberts”, “Newman”, "Faansie" and more. When we buy the latest edition of guides, our older editions get set aside and are in many cases never used again. Both our disused binoculars and field guides could bring a smile to a beginner birder’s face, especially if they live in a rural area and have limited resources. Here’s an opportunity for you to spread the love you feel for birding and allow less fortunate folks to share that same passion. These essential birdwatching items have, over the years, been donated to bird guides, rural schools and eco-clubs. BirdLife South Africa will ensure that every pair of old pair of binoculars or field guides will find a good home. Your donation may be the catalyst in developing the next passionate birder or conservationist. We look forward to receiving your donation...

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