African Birdlife
BirdLife South Africa's magazine, African Birdlife

African Birdlife is a bi-monthly magazine and includes well-written articles and stunning photographs of our continent's birds. It is an important mouthpiece for BirdLife South Africa to create awareness about bird research and conservation work.

We also have the expert assistance of two scientific advisors, Professors Peter Ryan and Andrew McKechnie. The magazine production is managed by the African Birdlife Management Committee, and the committee is chaired by David Chamberlain.

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Photographing Owls

Owls are fascinating birds to study – and to photograph. Top photographers present some very different images of owls.

All together now   
Why do birds form groups?

At different times, many bird species gather in groups: some to breed, feed or perhaps to roost. Peter Ryan explores the factors that drive birds to flock. 

River Warblers revealed         

Which bird is the most overlooked species in southern Africa? There are many contenders but Faansie Peacock believes that this dubious honour should go to the River Warbler.

Evolutionary Struggle                 

A remarkable account shows how Black-collared Barbets relentlessly protect their nest log from brood-parasitic Lesser Honeyguides. But how successful are they?