BirdLife South Africa supports the Diamond Route. We would like to encourage you to visit one of their properties when next choosing a breakaway or holiday destination. Their website has a great deal of information available in order to allow you to make the best fit.

Conservation is the main drive behind all nine game reserves and tourism has opened that door to our local communities in the form of employment, education, healthcare and a deeper understanding of how protecting your environment is far more sustainable.

As their founding member Mrs Strilli Oppenheimer says, “…conservation of the environment, which we have inherited as custodians, is not a subject of only specialist and activist interest; rather it is an imperative for society as a whole to hand on a less distressed situation than that we have caused. There is a growing public awareness in appreciating what we have, and doing what we can together, to ensure we do not continue to lose species on a daily basis, as each loss impacts on everyone and everything in some way.”