Black Harrier

Conserving the Black Harrier

Black HarrierBlack Harriers (Circus maurus) are southern Africa's rarest endemic raptor and will be uplisted in South Africa in 2013 from Near Threatened to Endangered.

Black Harriers will soon face a collision threat with wind turbine blades. If placed inappropriately, wind farm developments in southern Africa could result in significant harrier mortalities. Therefore there is an urgency to study the movements and behaviour of these raptors.

The Black Harrier research team, affiliated with the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town, is the BirdLife Species Guardian for the Black Harrier under the global Preventing Extinctions Programme.

How you can contribute to the conservation of the Black Harrier
Window Decals

The transparency of glass, perfect to view the birds from your house or office, pose quite another danger to the birds themselves - that of collision.

Make a donation to BirdLife South Africa of R60 (plus R10 postage) and receive a pack of 5 decals to be placed on windows to reduce the risk of collision. All donations received are in support of research and conservation of the Black Harrier.

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