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BLSA Threatened Species Birdlasser Cause


BirdLife South Africa and BirdLasser are working together to obtain better population data for threatened bird species. You can support this project by submitting data for threatened bird species throught the use of the mobile app. It is easy to contribute, download the BirdLasser mobile app, record the threatened bird species and provide addtional information such as the number of birds seen, how many of these are adults or immatures and if they are male or female. 

For more information about the BirdLasser app see and to download the app on your phone search for "BirdLasser" in the Playstore (for Android based phones) and iStore (for IOS based phones). The app is free and easy to install!

You can download a Quick Guide here. 

  Quick Guide





 Please note the following:

  • In order for us to receive the data, you need to give permission to BirdLasser to share the data with BirdLife South Africa. In BirdLasser go to Settings and then Causes. You will note "BLSA Threatened Species" listed as a cause. Select the cause by ticking the relevant tick box (and in support of all the other causes, you can tick all the boxes!). After selecting the cause read the Terms and Conditions and select "Accept" if you are in agreement. BirdLife South Africa will not share your personal details, but might contact you to obtain more information about your special record. 
  • When recording your sighting please log the sighting as near as possible to the bird by dragging the icon on the map to the to exact location where the bird was seen.  
  • After you have logged the species, click on the name of the species, select "BLSA Threatened Species" and enter the required information. 
  • For a list of species supported by this cause see list of threatened species below. Any additional information would be of value but we are especially interested in number of birds seen. 

Threatened Species List

Below is a list of the species for which we are requesting additional data. These species are all regional or global threatened bird species:

 CR - Critical Endangered; EN - Endangered; VU - Vulnerable; NT - Near Threatened

Species Name Global  Status Regional Status
Barbet, Green (Stactolaema olivacea)   EN
Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus) NT EN
Blackcap, Bush (Lioptilus nigricapillus) NT VU
Broadbill, African (Smithornis capensis)   VU
Bustard, Denham's (Neotis denhami) NT VU
Bustard, Kori (Ardeotis kori) NT NT
Bustard, Ludwig's (Neotis ludwigii) EN EN
Buttonquail, Black-rumped Buttonquail (Turnix nanus)   VU
Buttonquail, Hottentot (Turnix hottentottus) EN EN
Canary, Lemon-breasted (Crithagra citrinipectus)   NT
Cormorant, Bank (Phalacrocorax neglectus) EN EN
Cormorant, Cape (Phalacrocorax capensis) EN EN
Cormorant, Crowned (Phalacrocorax coronatus) NT NT
Courser, Burchell's (Cursorius rufus)   VU
Crane, Blue (Anthropoides paradiseus) VU NT
Crane, Grey Crowned (Balearica regulorum) EN EN
Crane, Wattled (Bugeranus carunculatus) VU CR
Curlew, Eurasian (Numenius arquata) NT NT
Duck, Maccoa (Oxyura maccoa) NT NT
Eagle, African Crowned (Stephanoaetus coronatus) NT VU
Eagle, Martial (Polemaetus bellicosus) VU EN
Eagle, Tawny (Aquila rapax)   EN
Eagle, Verreaux's (Aquila verreauxii)   VU
Falcon, Lanner (Falco biarmicus)   VU
Falcon, Red-footed (Falco vespertinus) NT NT
Falcon, Taita (Falco fasciinucha) VU CR
Finfoot, African (Podica senegalensis)   VU
Fishing-Owl, Pel's (Scotopelia peli)   EN
Flamingo, Greater (Phoenicopterus ruber)   NT
Flamingo, Lesser (Phoenicopterus minor) NT NT
Flufftail, Striped (Sarothrura affinis)   VU
Flufftail, White-winged (Sarothrura ayresi) CR CR
Gannet, Cape (Morus capensis) VU VU
Giant-Petrel, Northern (Macronectes halli)   NT
Grass-Owl, African (Tyto capensis)   VU
Ground-Hornbill, Southern (Bucorvus leadbeateri) VU EN
Ground-Thrush, Orange (Zoothera gurneyi)   NT
Ground-Thrush, Spotted (Zoothera guttata) EN EN
Harrier, Black (Circus maurus) VU EN
Harrier, Pallid (Circus macrourus) NT NT
Hawk, Bat (Macheiramphus alcinus)   EN
Ibis, Southern Bald (Geronticus calvus) VU VU
Jacana, Lesser (Microparra capensis) NT NT
Kingfisher, Half-collared (Alcedo semitorquata)   NT
Kingfisher, Mangrove (Halcyon senegaloides)   EN
Korhaan, Blue (Eupodotis caerulescens) NT  
Korhaan, Karoo (Eupodotis vigorsii)   NT
Korhaan, Southern Black (Afrotis afra) VU VU
Korhaan, White-bellied (Eupodotis senegalensis)   VU
Lark, Agulhas Long-billed (Certhilauda brevirostris)   NT
Lark, Barlow's (Calendulauda barlowi)   NT
Lark, Botha's (Spizocorys fringillaris) EN EN
Lark, Melodious (Mirafra cheniana) NT  
Lark, Red (Calendulauda burra) VU VU
Lark, Rudd's (Heteromirafra ruddi) VU EN
Lark, Sclater's (Spizocorys sclateri) NT NT
Lark, Short-clawed (Certhilauda chuana)   NT
Longclaw, Rosy-throated (Macronyx ameliae)   NT
Marsh-Harrier, African (Circus ranivorus)   EN
Night-Heron, White-backed (Gorsachius leuconotus)   VU
Nightjar, Swamp (Caprimulgus natalensis)   VU
Oystercatcher, African Black (Haematopus moquini) NT  
Painted-snipe, Greater (Rostratula benghalensis)   VU
Parrot, Cape Parrot (Poicephalus robustus)   EN
Pelican, Great White (Pelecanus onocrotalus)   VU
Pelican, Pink-backed (Pelecanus rufescens)   VU
Penguin, African (Spheniscus demersus) EN EN
Pigeon, Eastern Bronze-naped (Columba delegorguei)   EN
Pipit, African Rock (Anthus crenatus)   NT
Pipit, Short-tailed (Anthus brachyurus)   VU
Pipit, Yellow-breasted (Anthus chloris) VU VU
Plover, Chestnut-banded (Charadrius pallidus) NT NT
Pratincole, Black-winged (Glareola nordmanni) NT NT
Pygmy-Goose, African (Nettapus auritus)   VU
Rock-jumper, Cape (Chaetops frenatus)   NT
Roller, European (Coracias garrulus) NT NT
Sandgrouse, Yellow-throated (Pterocles gutturalis)   NT
Secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius) VU VU
Snake-Eagle, Southern Banded (Circaetus fasciolatus) NT CR
Stork, Abdim's (Ciconia abdimii)   NT
Stork, Black (Ciconia nigra)   VU
Stork, Marabou (Leptoptilos crumeniferus)   NT
Stork, Saddle-billed (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis)   EN
Stork, Yellow-billed (Mycteria ibis)   EN
Sunbird, Neergaard's (Cinnyris neergaardi) NT NT
Swallow, Blue (Hirundo atrocaerulea) VU CR
Tern, Caspian (Sterna caspia)   VU
Tern, Damara (Sterna balaenarum) NT CR
Vulture, Bearded (Gypaetus barbatus) NT CR
Vulture, Cape (Gyps coprotheres) VU EN
Vulture, Hooded (Necrosyrtes monachus) EN EN
Vulture, Lappet-faced (Torgos tracheliotus) VU EN
Vulture, White-backed (Gyps africanus) EN EN
Vulture, White-headed (Trigonoceps occipitalis) VU EN
Warbler, Knysna (Bradypterus sylvaticus) VU VU
Woodpecker, Knysna (Campethera notata) NT NT