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824 southern red bishop0812 AFR6297a fronemanBirdLife South Africa is one of South Africa's largest non–governmental, non-profit conservation organisations. The organisation is membership-based with more than 30 bird clubs nationwide. Essentially, bird clubs run recreational birding programmes with central elements being outings, indoor meetings and newsletters. Many bird clubs have conservation and education programmes. The BirdLife South Africa secretariat provides administration for membership and national programmes, fundraising, public relations and management of publications and formal meetings.

With effect from 27 April 2017, the BirdLife South Africa governance structure consists of a Board of Directors which meets monthly. The composition is as follows:

Chairman: Roger Wanless
Treasurer: Tony Zoghby
Chief Executive Officer: Mark D. Anderson
Honorary President: Prof Colleen Downs
Forum representative (Northern Areas): Philip Calinikos
Forum representative (KwaZulu-Natal): Peter Divall
Forum representative (Western Cape): Dr Mark Brown
Co-opted member: Ismail Bhorat
Co-opted member: David Chamberlain
Co-opted member: Linda Hart
Co-opted member: Yvonne Pennington
Co-opted member: Galeboe Modisapodi
Co-opted member: Nicholus Funda
Co-opted member: Vernon Head


Conservation is the primary reason for BirdLife South Africa's existence. While we engage in, promote and support other activities, such as birding and tourism, community-based conservation, and our education work, everything is geared towards achieving bird conservation goals.
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