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Ground-breaking efforts to create new penguin colonies begins

BirdLife South Africa and CapeNature have taken the first concrete step in an ambitious project to help conserve the African Penguin. The idea of creating new African Penguin colonies has been discussed and planned for a number of years, but now is closer to becoming a reality with work starting on the ground at the De Hoop Nature Reserve.  pdf Download (87 KB)

Breaking News: One of the greatest mysteries about the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail solved

One of the greatest ornithological mysteries, representing more than a decade’s work, has been solved! The White-winged Flufftail is one of Africa’s rarest and most threatened wetland birds. It is largely restricted to high-altitude wetland habitats in South Africa and Ethiopia. The current population is estimated to number only 200 and 250 birds and, in light of habitat loss and degradation over the past 10 years, this species faces a significant risk of extinction.  pdf Download (704 KB)

Candice Stevens from BirdLife South Africa and the Government of South Africa Receive International Award for Work on Biodiversity Tax Incentives for South Africa’s Protected Area Network

BirdLife South Africa is excited to announce that Candice Stevens, BirdLife South Africa’s Policy & Advocacy Programme Manager, and the South African Government (represented by the Department of Environmental Affairs) have been awarded the Pathfinder Award Special Commendation for their innovative work on biodiversity tax incentives. The award was presented at the Pathfinder Award Ceremony at the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 14) in Egypt on 18 November 2018.  pdf Download (795 KB)

Court victory for South Africa’s protected areas in Mabola case

The North Gauteng High Court set aside the 2016 decisions of former Mineral Resources Minister Zwane and the late Environmental Affairs Minister Molewa to permit a new coal mine to be developed in the Mabola Protected Environment near Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga.  document Download (494 KB) document
(494 KB)

The Moutonshoek community protect their land to conserve our natural heritage and the water catchment for Verlorenvlei estuary

The Moutonshoek Protected Environment (MPE) is South Africa’s newest privately protected area, nestled in the mountains of the Moutonshoek valley, near Piketberg on South Africa’s west coast. The MPE was established through the work of BirdLife South Africa’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) Programme, with support from CapeNature. This declaration of 9 000 hectares has helped achieve a major milestone for BirdLife South Africa, bringing the total hectares that the IBA Programme has helped declare as protected areas to 100 000 hectares. Download

BirdLife South Africa and Conservation Outcomes Partner to Conserve KZN’s Threatened Habitats and Species

Conservation Outcomes and BirdLife South Africa have initiated a partnership to promote and support the conservation of KwaZulu-Natal’s natural heritage. The partnership will support private and communal land holders to conserve and manage areas essential for bird conservation. Download.

An ill wind blows for vultures in Lesotho

Conservationists are concerned that a proposed wind farm development at a site near Letšeng-La-Terae in Lesotho, just to the west of Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Park, may help drive the Maloti-Drakensberg population of Bearded and Cape Vultures to extinction. Vultures are particularly prone to colliding with wind turbine blades, and this area sits in the heart of important breeding and foraging grounds for Cape Vulture and Bearded Vulture, both of which are at risk of extinction. Download

Breaking news: new breeding record for Critically Endangered African Flufftail

The White-winged Flufftail is one of the world’s rarest birds. Destruction and degradation of the species’ high altitude grassland habitat have resulted in a situation where its survival in the wild is uncertain. There is a race against time to ensure that it does not become the first African bird to go extinct, following the same fate as North America’s Passenger Pigeon and Mauritius’ Dodo. Through the use of a novel survey method, BirdLife South Africa’s research team has this month discovered the first breeding of the threatened White-winged Flufftail in South Africa, contradicting prior thought that this flufftail is a non-breeding visitor to South African wetlands. Download

Seabirds Starving, Songbirds Trapped, But Conservation Efforts Saving Pelican And Kiwis

BirdLife International, with the support of global partners, has reassessed the conservation statuses of several bird species. Unfortunately for southern Africa, Cape Gannets are now listed as Endangered due to ongoing population decreases. Download.

Tangled and Drowned: New Study Shows That Penguins are Threatened by Fishing Nets

Researchers from across the world have collaborated to produce the first global review of penguin bycatch, published in the scientific journal Endangered Species Research. Download.

Tracking Grey-headed Gull movements around O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

Bird strikes with aircraft cost the international aviation industry millions of dollars per annum as a result of direct damage to aircraft and indirectly due to delays caused by aircraft down time. Download.

South Africa gets its first biodiversity tax incentive (20 June 2017)

BirdLife South Africa’s Fiscal Benefits Project was launched in 2015 with the aim of testing biodiversity tax incentives as a benefit for landowners declaring Protected Areas, through the Biodiversity Stewardship model. The Fiscal Benefits Project began with the achievement of introducing a new tax incentive, section 37D, into the Income Tax Act. Section 37D gives landowners a tax deduction for their conservation commitment. Download.

Release of African Penguins in Plettenberg Bay on World Oceans Day (29 MAY 2017)

World Oceans Day, observed annually on 8 June, is a chance to remember and celebrate the vitally important role of oceans and the diverse life they support. Download.


World Penguin Day celebrates penguins wherever they are found; from the snow and ice of Antarctica to the sunshine of Africa. Download


A major milestone for the conservation of South Africa’s water resources and threatened Highveld grass- and wetlands was reached on 7 April 2017, when the MEC for Mpumalanga’s Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs (DARDLEA), Vusi Shongwe, declared the Greater Lakenvlei Protected Environment near Dullstroom. Download

Cape Vultures killed at wind farms (6 April 2017)

African’s vultures are in trouble. Most old-world vultures (vultures found in Africa, Europe, and Asia) have faced severe population declines and are on the edge of extinction. Download

Victory for biodiversity in uMkhomazi River Valley (31 March 2017)

Conservation organisations, including the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and BirdLife South Africa, welcome the rejection of the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed construction of a raw water supply dam in the uMkhomazi catchment, KwaZulu-Natal, by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). Download


Cape Town, 17 February 2017: Sardine biomass in the Benguela ecosystem has fallen below the “Exceptional Circumstances” threshold, triggering an immediate 50% reduction in the 2017 allowable catch for sardine. The alarming state of the west and south coast ecosystems has huge implications for both commercial fishing and species such as seals and seabirds. Download

Responsible Fisheries Alliance (1 February 2017)

The Responsible Fisheries Alliance cautions that government’s disregard for the West Coast Rock Lobster recovery plan could affect global trade. Download.

Wetland Wonderlands (29 January 2017)

Wetlands are essential ecosystems that have multiple functions. From cleaning water and providing a medium for recreational activities, to providing homes for Whitewinged
Flufftails and other animals. Wetlands are truly wonderlands. To learn more about wetlands,
water and waterbirds, join us at the Flufftail Festival. Download

The Flufftail Festival - Back to basics (25 January 2017)

Wetlands are often undervalued and overlooked in society, yet they are so important. To experience some of the beautiful basics of wetlands, join us at this years’ Flufftail Festival. Download.


Victory for biodiversity in uMkhomazi River Valley

Court victory for South Africa’s protected areas in Mabola case